+ Biography
Don Pendleton is an American artist whose techniques range from creating digital and hand painted artwork for his legendary body of skateboard graphics to original acrylics on canvas for gallery shows, murals, conceptual art, and installation pieces that merge linguistics with his narrative artistic vision.

His aesthetic compositions resonate from linear organic cubist creations and similarly move to more expressionist forms that deal with issues of communication in a narrative, visual context. He often incorporates references to insects, animals and ambiguous characters to complete his finished compositions. These equivocal Archetypes are in constant interaction competing for space within the linear composition of the painting creating a confluence of tension and issues of communication that is a metaphorical reflection on the state of contemporary society and culture:

    “ I was always drawn to this idea of people cohabitating the same space and the conflicts that arise on a regular basis within that space. Whether it's war or arguments or brushing shoulders or stepping on toes, there's a consistency within the line and the space but at the same time, there's tension and conflict and potential for fights. All of that appeals to me when breaking up the space and creating a piece. I like the tension, I like the potential for conflict that people might recognize but I also like that there are characters in there that are basically on top of each other who may look confused or perfectly at ease within the chaos."

While the preponderance of his artwork is centered on his linear organic cubist, expressionist style, he continues to explore different new techniques to aesthetically complete each project he engages.

                                      -Karl Bornstein, March 5th 2011

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+ Clients (1998-2017)
 Alien Workshop
 (full-time, in house,1998-2005)

Element Skateboards 
 (full-time, contract, 2005-2009)

Pearl Jam
LG Electronics
Mountain Dew
Stance Socks
The Hundreds
Western Digital (private commissions)
Juice Design Agency (SF)
New Belgium Brewing
K2 Snowboards
DC Shoes
Fuse Marketing
JDK Design
The Berrics
Zero Skateboards
Nocturnal Skateshop (Philly)
Penny Skateboards
Stereo Skateboards
Heroin Skateboards
Landscape Skateboards
Designarium Skateboards
DVS Footwear
Etnies Footwear
Verde Bikes
Livestock (Vancouver)
Furni Creations (Montreal)
+ Editorial/Print Coverage

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Thrasher Magazine
, August, 2012
Canvas article/spread with images.

+ Juxtapoz Magazine, June, 2012
Cover design and feature article

+ Transworld Skateboarding, April, 2011
Don Pendleton, p. 128, art gallery & Q&A

+ Juxtapoz Magazine, June, 2010
Profile: Don Pendleton, p. 30
writeup and painting

+ Slider Magazine, (Tokyo), 2010
Don Pendleton, p. 96-97, interview & art

+ 6:00 AM, (Prague) Dec. 2008, Issue 41
Don Pendleton, p. 42-45, interview & art

+ Streetwear Today (Berlin), Aug. 2008, Issue24
Tales from the Darkroom: Don Pendleton, p.134-135
interview & art

+ Cemporcento Skate (Rome), June 2008, issue 129
Quando O Estilo Supera A Technica, p. 92-93
Interview & art

+ SOMA Magazine, May 2008, Issue 5
Don Pendleton, p.46-51, interview & art

+ Slap Magazine, (US) November 2007, issue 186
Portfolio: Don Pendleton, p. 102-107, interview & portfolio

+ Color Magazine, (Canada) April 2007, Vol.5, Issue 4
Don Pendleton, p. 75, Interview & art

+ Staf Magazine, (Spain), Nov. 2006, issue 29,
El Ultimo Gran Hero, p 60-62, interview & art
+ *Cover Design/Illustration

+ Lodown, (Berlin), Sept. 2006, issue 53
RE: Bauhaus p. 52, cover art, illustration & interview

+ The Skateboard Mag, Sept. 2005, issue 18
Insider Info: Don Pendleton p. 178, article

+ Sugar Magazine, May 2005, issue 81
Elementrio, p. 96-98, tour article & art

+ Black Pool, August, 2004, issue 11
Artnimal!, p.56-59, interview & art

+ Slack Magazine, issue 6
Elementrio, p26, article about European tour

+ SBC Skateboard Magazine, May 2004, Vol. 5, Issue 5
Art: Gallery, p. 92, interview

+ Stuck Magazine, Jan. 2004, issue 2
Don Pendleton, p. 12-15, interview & art

+ Dosdedos Magazine, 2004, Issue 50,
Graphical Issue, p. 42-43, article & art

+ Monster Children (Australia), Autumn 2003, issue 2
The Don, p. 70-75, interview, artwork & cover

+ Alternative Press, July 2003, Issue 180
DIY, p. 47, interview & art

+ Sidewalk Magazine, Feb. 2003, Issue 77
Digression, p. 120-123, Interview and artist profile/art

+ Slider Magazine
Don Pendleton, p. 96-97, interview & art

+ Strength Magazine, Sept. 2002
Call of the Wild, p. 44-45, interview & art

+ Arkitip Magazine, Issue 8, Jan. 2002 , edition of 350
p. 2-8, gallery of work

+ Numero Magazine, (Helsinki) Issue 11, Dec. 2000
D. Pendleton, p. 98-105, interview & art

Level Magazine, (UK), Nov. 2000, issue 11.
Open Pendleton, p. 54-61, interview, art & profile
+ Select Shows/Exhibits (2009-2016)

+ 'The Reflected Sound of Everything,' solo exhibit, Artists Republic Gallery , Laguna Beach, CA, June 2, 2016

+ Volcom solo exhibit & live painting event, L'Atelier Les Mains Sales, Bordeaux, France, March 17, 2016

+ 'Volcom solo exhibit/line launch,' Flood Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 26, 2016

+ 'Geometry & Light,'
solo exhibit, , Artists Republic Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, July 11, 2015

+ 'What the Morning Brings', 3-person exhibit (with Michael Seiben & Todd Bratrud),1975 Gallery, Rochester, NY, Sept 6, 2014

+ 'Distance Decay and Time Space Compression', 3-person exhibit (with Ferris Plock and Jason Adams), Artists Republic, Laguna Beach, CA, May 3, 2014

+ 'Fine Lines,' Solo Museum exhibit, March 8-June 1, 2014, Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV
+Included reception speech & presentation
+ 3-day Workshop

+ Volcom Store, Soho, NYC, live painting event, Oct. 15, 2013

+ 'A Heart As Heavy as Night', Solo exhibit, Artists Republic Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, Oct. 3-27, 2013

+ 'Skate & Create', Museum show, with Mark Penxa and Russ Pope, Columbia Museum of Art, SC, Feb. 22, 2011

+ 'Tied up in Knots,' solo exhibit, part of the Sundance Film Festival, Park City, UT, Jan. 21, 2011

+ 'The Worst is Yet to Come,' 2-man show w/ Mark Penxa, Booksmart Gallery, Rochester, NY, Sept. 23, 2010

+ 'Eyes Wide Open,' Costa Mesa, CA, The Camp gallery space (group show) Aug. 17, 2010

+ 'Eyes Wide Open', Red Bull Space, NYC (group show), June 8, 2010

+ 'Smile on your Brother,' Vancouver, Canada, group show, Aug. 24, 2009

+ Element Advocate/Vice Magazine art show, Barcelona Spain, July 3, 2009, 5-person show