Green Label Art project from Mountain Dew collaboration with pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez that featured product design, illustration and a mural.

I created a Mountain Dew can design with input from Paul that was used to help promote the summer Dew Games. The project was paired with a competition that involved independent skate shops who were challenged to design their own can.

It culminated at the Dew Game finals in Las Vegas where the winning shop of the contest was announced on a Fuel TV program.

To promote the project, Mountain Dew created a nationally televised commercial featuring myself and Paul Rodgriguez. You can watch the commercial here. I also created a line of skateboards and products sold exclusively through the Green Label site.

In a separate project, Mountain Dew approached me about designing murals for an unannounced viral marketing campaign in one of their larger markets (Chicago) to promote various Dew flavors. I designed and illustrated the flavors through character design and backgrounds elements. These were then recreated in visible spots around the city of Chicago.

These are photos of the actual murals after they had been painted in their respective locations: